Special Needs Project

OccupTherapy200The Special Needs Project provides assistance to Foundation Phase learners who are struggling to cope at school. Reasons for this include foetal alcohol syndrome, neglect, physical, social and learning difficulties.


Counselling Services are offered to schools to assist with learners who are the victims of all forms of abuse, are involved in poaching, drugs and other criminal activities, and who are not coping at school because of their home and community environments.

Feeding Scheme

feedingscheme1200The Feeding Scheme provides fruit twice a week, sourced from Two-a-Day Fruit Packers, Valley Packers and Kromco, fruit-packers in the Elgin/Grabouw area. This is supplemented by the work of various churches, which run soup kitchens. Schools. crèches, safe-houses, Child and Family Welfare, HIV Aids sufferers and the indigent are beneficiaries.

Small Business Start-up and Support

The need to promote small business and entrepreneurship, particularly in the light of the lack of job opportunities, is widely recognized. This programme seeks to identify and support new entrepreneurs and to expand and grow existing small businesses.