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The “ten golden minutes” of reading at home

A highly successful parent workshop was held at Enlighten Trust on Saturday morning the 27th of August. The theme was: “Reading at home: ideas for parents and caregivers”.

Linda Rutter and two assistants from Shine’s head office in Cape Town came to run this workshop. It was mainly presented in isiXhosa, therefore the parents didn’t hesitate to ask questions and to make useful contributions.

It was attended by 30 people, including parents (2 fathers), Grade 1 teachers, a representative of the Education Department, Ms Bulewa Mbekisa, as well as Lukhanyo Primary’s principal, Mr Morris Tshabalala.

Emphasis was placed on the importance of parents spending ten “golden” minutes with their children. During this time they could read a story, play word games and encourage the child. The importance of making the distinction between the “names” and “sounds” of the alphabet was explained. They were shown how they could use body movements to teach the child the sounds of the alphabet.


Linda’s enthusiasm rubbed off on the parents. It was clear that they felt motivated and inspired to go home and implement all the information they were given. They commented that the advice they had been given was very practical and they were looking forward to making a difference in their children’s lives.

Mr Tshabalala, in particular, was impressed by the workshop and asked Linda if they could do a workshop for teachers at the school. This will be arranged in the near future.

Shine at Lukhanyo in 2016

Shine Chapter logo on yellowAfter on-going consultations throughout 2014 with the Shine organisation in Cape Town and members of the OED, the Enlighten Shine Chapter was launched at the beginning of 2015 at the Lukhanyo Primary School in Zwelihle with 15 volunteers and 26 learners.

In February this year 172 Grade 2 learners were assessed. As a result of these assessments, twelve volunteers will be working with 24 learners.

Kelly Harding, one of Shine’s trainers in Cape Town, visited us in Hermanus on 6 May to do a training session for ten permanent volunteers as well as 3 backup volunteers. Kelly was quite an inspiration and all the volunteers benefited greatly from her new ideas. It was also good for everyone to be reminded of the Shine principles, which they have and will be using in their ongoing work.

Lukhanyo principal Mr Tshabalala also visited the project during the month to report on how impressed he was with the work everyone was doing, and the growth he can see in the learners.

All in all, everything is running smoothly in the Shine classroom at Lukhanyo and we look forward to the future of the project!