Having decided to take a two-pronged approach to the enhancement of education in this region, not only are we actively engaged in teacher upskilling, but also in direct service delivery to individual children and groups of children, where a particular need has been identified.


Early Childhood Development: a cornerstone project of the EET, it includes the formal training and upskilling of teachers, in-school quality control and mentoring (currently in partnership with Boland College and the DG Murray Trust; as well as the WC Department of Social Development), equipping educare centres with essential indoor and outdoor equipment and the provision of books and educational toys by means of a mobile library. The Trust currently services 30 registered and 14 home-based educare centres within a 50 km radius of Hermanus.


Curriculum Interventions: As indicated, our main focus is in the area of teacher upskilling at Foundation Phase and Primary School level, although a certain amount of work is also done at Intermediate and Senior level. In addition to teacher training and support, child-directed services are provided, especially in the fields of Literacy, Science and Technology and Arts and Culture. Mastery of all the subjects below is key to the child’s development and progress through his/her school career.

– Numeracy/Mathematics
– Literacy/Languages
– Arts and Culture (Music, Pottery, Visual Art, Crafts)
– Science/Technology


Social and Remedial Projects:
– School Counselling: An educational psychologist assists individual children identified by teachers as having emotional or behavioural problems.
– Enrichment Programme for Foundation Phase learners: Based on Occupational Therapy principles and activities, facilitators work with individual children who are experiencing learning difficulties, especially in numeracy and literacy.
– Shine: This programme which involves adult volunteers in a one-on-one remedial reading programme with Grade 2 learners, aims to develop a love of books, and improves reading skills and language comprehension.
– Afrikaans literacy: is taught at Hawston Primary School, where Afrikaans is the language of instruction. A large percentage of learners are from other African countries, Somalia in particular, and can communicate in neither English nor Afrikaans. They are taught from scratch to speak, write and read in Afrikaans, so that they can be integrated into their classes and the community where they live. This has a major social and educational impact on their lives. Some isiXhosa pupils are also assisted with their Afrikaans as Second Language studies.
– Management of the Overstrand Junior Town Council: On behalf of the Overstrand Town Council, an Enlighten co-ordinator organises an enrichment and leadership programme for members of the Junior Town Council elected each year from the six local High Schools.


Language and Numeracy Computer Laboratory, plus Mobile Unit: This is another of Enlighten’s flagship programmes, which works with both teachers and individual learners in developing critical skills in the subjects listed below:

– IT skills
– Literacy and Numeracy, with the assistance of CAMI software programmes
– Perceptual skills at Foundation Phase level
– Robotics – We Do and Mind Storm – Foundation Phase and Intermediate Phase: This has proven to be a very popular project and teaches the children engineering, IT and mathematical skills in a practical and exciting way.


Alex Bury Children’s Library and Mobile Unit – The promotion of Literacy: A wonderful resource for both teachers and learners in this region,comprising a comprehensive selection of children’s fiction and non-fiction books in English, Afrikaans and isiXhosa, as well as reference works for children and adults. It currently has a formal membership of over 3 500 children. Mobile libraries supply schools and educare centres throughout the Overstrand with books and educational toys.


In-class Support Extra-mural Programmes
  • – Mobile book and toy libraries
  • – Big Vision CAMI teaching in 3 schools
  • – Grades 8-9 computer-based Maths Enrichment pilot project
  • eLearning Support in Overstrand Schools
  • – Literacy
  • – Music
  • – Foundation Phase Enrichment Programme
  • – School Counselling
  • – Early Childhood Development
  • – Visual Arts
  • – Science and Technology
  • – Literacy
  • – Music
  • – Visual Art
  • – Pottery
  • – Robotics
  • – Science and Technology
  • – Junior Town Council
  • – School Readiness Project for Parents