New Centre Starts Operating

This is the first full month of operating from the new Centre and we are still walking around on Cloud Nine – despite having no telephone or fax line for many weeks. The building is working well, our offices are sunny and warm, the children’s artworks have brought great fun, pleasure and joy to the building, the EET staff are thrilled to have a “home” at last, most staff who have been away are back from their various overseas and local trips, the training rooms are in constant use, and work is progressing smoothly. Even the spectre of having to find a considerable amount of additional funding for building “extras” has not dampened enthusiasm.


ACE Technology: Training is now taking place in our own training room at the Centre. The sessions are shared between facilitators from ORT and lecturers from the Cape Peninsula University of Technology. The focus presently is on mechanisms and on the theory of education.

ECD Learnership is also making good use of the facilities as is the WCED management team whose offices are not ready for them so we are their home from home.

On the 24th June we hosted a group of about 60 senior staff from the WCED and school principals for their Circuit workshop in the hall.

Pottery, music, art and dance as well as homework assistance is on the go!


Zwelihle junior town councillors organized a Youth Day debate in the hall at the new Centre on the 14th. They themselves found sponsors for prizes for best speakers in various categories and used the event as an opportunity to discuss issues such as xenophobia, racial discrimination, crime, cultural traditions etc. It has been gratifying to see how strongly opposed to xenophobia these young people are. This was entirely the initiative of the Zwelihle representatives and they worked hard to make it all happen.

Prayer meetings: During the week of the run up to the Zimbabwe elections, multi-denominational prayer meetings have been held for an hour each day in the hall. It has been great to see so many people from so many cultures joining together for this event