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Revving up a storm

There was high tension in the air at Enlighten’s computer lab on the afternoon of Wednesday 24 August. ‘Mind Storms’ members of the Robotics Club were out to prove their mettle. Parents and younger siblings came in their numbers to cheer the contestants along and every complicated move successfully completed was met with enthusiastic applause from the supporters.

Winner Jamie le Roux and his RobotWhat a great competition it was! And well done to Jamie, the overall winner!

Four teams of three competed against each other over three rounds. Not only did they build the robots, but also programmed them to perform intricate tasks. These learners are required to master a number of critical 21st century skills: (1) Problem-solving (2) Collaboration (3) Critical thinking (4) Creativity.

The standard was extremely high and hard work and dedication paid off. The proud winners were (drum roll….)

  1. James le Roux
  2. Karo Beets, Johannes Daniel and Johan Matthee
  3. Simeon Rossouw, Breyten Matthee and Dirk Beets


Enlighten is planning to extend the Robotics club to other Overstrand towns and schools. Parents are welcome to register their children online at http://goo.gl/lwrKto .

Heartfelt thanks to Nicholas Powell, Frank Coetzee and Jonathan Swarts who guided and supported the Robotees and a special thank you to all the participants and parents for their enthusiastic involvement. They have already begun to gear themselves up for the next competition.

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